Ravintola Delhi Darbar

Since opening the kitchen in 2008, Delhi Darbar has become one of the most favorite restaurants in Turku. As an Indian restaurant, Delhi darbar always serves the best service and the original taste of India to our dear customers. Furthermore, we have always wanted to make our visitors surrounded with Indian architect with the genuine and sincere elegant Indian interiors.

The history of Indian cuisine is over 5000 years. Through cultural development by time being, there have been much of interactions with various cultures (Mughals, British and Portuguese empires), leading to a diversity of flavour. Therefore, Delhi Darbar is the place where you can enjoy traditional Indian aristocratic cuisine with exquisite seasonal menu as well as traditional Indian drinks.

Delhi Darbar is located in Hämeenkatu, where is the interface of Business and Education of Turku and has been developed as food street in Turku. It is an ideal place for lunches, dinners, business or family occasions and different types of parties. Please visit us, Delhi Darbar is always pleased to meet customers’ needs by providing great flexibility for their requirements.

Tervetuloa uusille kotisivuillemme!

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 10.30 - 22.00

Friday 10.30 - 23.00

Saturday 12.00 - 23.00

Sunday 12.00 - 22.00

Lunch Time

Monday - Friday 10.30 - 15.00




Tiistai Lounas


1.Channa Palak                                  9.20€ L, G

 Kikherneitä,pinaatti kastikkessa.

2. Chicken Madras                            9.70€ L, G

Broilerfileen paloja ja madras-curry kastikkeessa .

3.Lamb Badami                                 10.30€ L, G

Paloiteltua lammas paisti ja  cashewpahkinä curry kastikkeessa.

4. Fish Balty                                   9.80€ L, G 

Tilapia filee paloja,balty-curry kastikkeessa.

5.Mix-lautanen                              11.90€

Kolme pientä annosta ruuista 1 + 2 + 3.

Lounas sisältää salaattipöydän, basmatiriisiä, raita, linsi tai papua, vettä ja kahvin tai teen. Myös on naan-leipä.


                                PÄIVÄN TARJOUS


A.Malai Paneer                    12,40€ VL,G

Kotijuustoa ja cashewpähkinä- kerma mieto curry kastikkeessa. 

 B. Chicken Tikka Masala               14,40€ VL,G

Marinoituja Broilerfileen paloja kypsennettynä tandoor uunissa,tomaatti-masala kastikessa.

C.Lamb Badami      14,60 L,G

Lammaspaisti paloja ja mantelia pähkinä-curry kastikkeessa.

Tarjous sisältää papadamin, naanleivän, riisiä, pienen salaatin, raitan ja vettä.

Annokset saatavana myös kaikki samalla lautasella pienempinä annoksina muodostaen yhden hengen annoksen

(A + B + C + jälkiruoka eli MANGO LASSI)

hintaan 18,80 €